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Unleash Your Inner Musician: Top Online Multiplayer Music Games

by Maxwell Anuma

May 31, 2024

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While growing up, the popular games were PES or FIFA on PS2, there were no online music games for multiplayers. They were interesting because you can play with your friends and show who was the master of the game. This brought joy and satisfaction because there was someone you could win; it was a source of pride.

What’s a game without a multiplayer mode? The competitive nature is gone, and the real-life appreciation is gone. That’s why games with multiplayer modes are in high demand.

Music games are not left behind as the best music games are games with multiplayer mode. Thus, this write-up will present us with the best online music games.

The Best Online Music Games for Multiplayers

There are many great online music games for multiplayers, but here are a few of the best:

Muzingo: This is a music game that combines the excitement of bingo with the magic of melodies. It is one of the best online music games for multiplayer. You can host or join a game with up to 100 players online. Muzingo games are simple and fun; listen to the songs and mark them on your digital Muzingo card.

Muzingo, online music games for multiplayers

The first player to complete a winning pattern shouts “Muzingo” and wins the game.

Rock Band 4 (PC, PS4, Xbox One): As a multiplayer game, you can join forces with friends to play guitar, bass, drums, or vocals. Explore an extensive song library and unleash your creativity by crafting your own musical experiences.

Guitar Hero Live (PS4, Xbox One): Guitar lovers, let’s gather here; this is an exceptional rhythm game that sets itself apart with a distinctive guitar controller featuring real strings. Though it has a smaller song library compared to Rock Band 4, the unique experience it offers guarantees a whole lot of fun.

Guitar hero live, online music games for multiplayers

FUSER (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch): This is a DJ game that empowers you to blend and remix songs, crafting your personalized sets. Engage in online play with friends or challenge them to competitions for an electrifying experience.

Beat Saber (PC, PS4, PSVR, Oculus Quest, Vive): This virtual reality rhythm game gets you grooving to the beat, turning your body into the ultimate controller. Experience a fantastic workout and loads of enjoyment in this immersive gaming experience.

Audiosurf 2 (PC): This game will test your reflexes. It is a rhythmic journey in a spaceship through a musical track. It is a distinctive and challenging game. Test your reflexes as you control the spacecraft, adding a unique twist to the traditional rhythm game experience.

Osu! (PC): This rhythm game has a dedicated community. Dive into numerous game modes and a diverse selection of songs, offering an engaging experience for every music enthusiast.

Clone Hero (PC): Experience a free rhythm game that opens the door to playing custom songs, providing a fantastic avenue to experience tunes not available in other rhythm games.

SongPop 2 (iOS, Android): This game tests your knowledge of song titles and artists. It is a thrilling music trivia game where you compete against other players to guess song titles and artists. Challenge yourself, expand your music knowledge, and enjoy the excitement of friendly competition.

Music Quiz (iOS, Android): For music quiz lovers, this is for you. It is a dynamic music trivia game offering a range of game modes, providing an excellent platform to challenge your friends and determine who reigns supreme in music knowledge.

Pianista (iOS, Android): If you want to learn new songs, this game is for you, it accelerates your learning of new songs. You may be looking to enhance your piano skills or simply have a good time playing music, this game would offer you an enjoyable experience.

Having discussed the main best online music games for multiplayers, we shall talk about other niche that also offer the best experience for specific music lovers.

For the DJ Enthusiast:

Virtual DJ (PC): A professional DJ software that allows you to learn and practice mixing techniques online with friends.

Mixxx (PC): A free and open-source DJ software that allows you to create custom sets and compete in online DJ battles.

DJ Hero 2 (PS3, Xbox 360): A discontinued but still popular rhythm game that lets you scratch, crossfade, and sample tracks to create your mixes.

For the Competitive Musician:

RockSmith 2014 Remastered: A rhythm game that teaches you to play real guitar, featuring a progressive learning system and online leaderboards.

Rocksmith+ (PC, iOS, Android): The subscription-based successor to RockSmith 2014, with an ever-growing library of songs and online multiplayer challenges.

Guitar Pro 7 (PC, Mac): A powerful guitar tablature software that allows you to play and learn songs with online multiplayer support.

For the creative musician:

BandLab (Web, iOS, Android): A free online platform where you can create music, collaborate with other musicians, and share your creations.

Ninjam (PC, Mac, Linux): A free online platform for live music jamming with other musicians around the world.

Jamzone (Web): A free online platform for creating and sharing music loops with other musicians.

For the music trivia fan:

Name That Tune (Web, iOS, Android): The classic music trivia game is now available to play online with friends.

SongPop Party (PS4, Xbox One): A console version of SongPop, perfect for large group gatherings and parties.

Music Quiz by Trivia Crack (iOS, Android): A popular music trivia app with a variety of game modes and challenges.


A major feature of every game is its competitive nature reflected in playing with other members of the gaming community.

In this write-up, we have presented the best online music games for multiplayers, with Muzingo games at the top. To learn how to play Muzingo, click this link

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