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Light Up the Laughter: The 2024 Guide to the Best Family Games

by Michael Enunwa

May 31, 2024

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In Andy Williams’s voice, Christmas is indeed the most “wonderful time of the year” for everyone, whether they choose to celebrate it or not. It is an avenue to reflect on what the year brought and how we were able to handle it as individuals and as a family. 

Since family is usually everything in this season, it’s important we make every moment we spend with them count before the New Year rolls in and we get to see each other barely. If you aren’t sure how to make the best use of this once-in-a-year opportunity, this article will provide you with one or more options you can pick from. Let’s have a go!

Hint: Read till the end for the best option!

Christmas Movie Bingo

Christmas movies are one of the highlights of the Christmas season, and because there are many to pick from, having them in a mash-up of a bingo game sounds very fun. This way, friends and family members can relish the memories of their favorite Christmas movies together even as they strive to emerge winners. Here’s the right place to start if you don’t know how.

Christmas Musical Bingo

If Christmas movie bingo does not cut it for you, you can opt for Christmas musical bingo. Christmas Musical Bingo is designed strictly for Christmas, with lots of Christmas songs to pick from. With this, you can tell how well a family member knows the songs of the season. To spice it up, you can attach a prize for the winner when you are done. Click here to find out how. 

Christmas song, Pictionary

Pictionary will always be a go-to for social family gatherings, and with this Christmas family edition, your family can bask in the season by getting a Christmas song Pictionary card. If you think you know all the Christmas songs to be sung, wait until you need a picture to identify them. Check it out here.

Christmas Family Feud

Family Feud is a family game loved by many across the country because of its intrigue and excitement. Guess what? You can try an in-house Christmas version of this game to suit your family size. Simply make the necessary arrangements on Play Party Plan and be the Steve Harvey of your family’s season!

The gingerbread game

The gingerbread game requires participants to place a piece of food on their forehead and try eating it before it falls on the floor. The piece of food can be of any kind, provided it is approved by everyone. Kids could participate as well to make it more interesting.

Cup guess

Since the season is mainly about giving, one way to leave a memorable impact on the lives of family members is to give special gifts, albeit make it fun while at it with the use of disposable cups. Todown; empty; begin; have lots of disposable cups turned upside down; some should be empty while others should contain valuable gifts like cash, jewelry, candy, and lots more. A queue should be made behind the table holding the disposable cups, and family members are required to take turns randomly picking a cup and revealing its content. How long you can keep up this game for the entirety of the holiday is up to your budget.

Tic-Tac-Toe for Christmas

Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun game to play at gatherings; how much more when you have one that’s Christmas-themed?  Everyone is cool, right?

Christmas-themed Scrabble

Scrabble is a game every family should have for every occasion; Christmas shouldn’t be different. There are lovely Christmas-themed Scrabble boards to help sync with the season’s flow. Aside from bragging rights, you could throw in a price or two so everyone knows there’s something at stake.

The Best of Christmas

The Best of Christmas is a game that’s designed to improve family bonds during festive seasons. A Christmas tree is set, and a couple of questions are asked by any family member. Any team that answers their question will decorate their portion of the tree, and a winner emerges when the decoration has gotten to the top. These questions could be of any genre, but it’s nice to have Christmas questions so the reason for the gathering is kept alive.  

It’s about time! (Drums roll…)


If you read all the way through, congratulations; your wait was worth it. I present to you the best family package out there for Christmas: Muzingo!

Muzingo is the world’s No. 1 music bingo platform that’s perfect for all seasons. This platform offers you a variety of songs to help spice up the Christmas season, and if for any reason you can’t spend Christmas with your family, Muzingo has you virtually covered. Everyone thinks of Muzingo when Bingo is mentioned; you shouldn’t be different.


How do you celebrate Christmas in a fun way?

If you’ll be having family or friends over, you should have an idea of what everyone enjoys and try to incorporate it into a reality everyone will enjoy. This way, certain family members are not left out of certain fun events.

How do you make Christmas memorable for your family?

Christmas holidays can be memorable for family members by doing any or all of the following:

  • Christmas meals can be prepared as a family. This way, healthy conversations are made and bonds are strengthened.
  • Watch Christmas movies as a family.
  • Write soothing letters to Jesus Christ and place them under the Christmas tree for Santa.
  • Eat all your meals together.

How do you make someone enjoy Christmas?

Send them gift items they will appreciate, go somewhere special and spend it with them, and have all the fun possible by dancing and singing Christmas carols.


As we experience the blissful period of Christmas, we must set aside every form of distraction and concentrate on the little time we have to spend with family. With several fun activities we can partake in, the holidays should help us appreciate moments we could only wish would last forever. Because when all’s said and done, family is what we have left. 

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