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by Maxwell Anuma

April 4, 2024

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It was John Mbiti who opined that “I think therefore, we are; we think, therefore, I am“; this is in a way to bring to light the brotherhood shared in African society. Hence corroborating the saying that no man is an island and cannot exist of him/herself but must coexist with others.

Man is a social being and interacts with others. These interactions has the following benefits on man:

  • Better Mental Health: It helps to lighten your mood, which leads to your happiness.
  • Lower Risk of Dementia: When you interact socially with others, it makes the brain active thereby impacting positively on your brain health.
  • Social interaction promotes a sense of belonging, once you begin to interact socially with others, they become a part of you. Also, you’ll have a sense of safety and security.
  • It also promotes sharing of thoughts and ideas together for growth and development.
  • It helps to combat boredom and loneliness. The time spent with those that you trust and that care about you is good for everyone.

The Online Gaming Community

We live in an era where games are becoming a thing and studies surrounding game culture have been carried out to make us understand the society in which we live in. As more people engage in shared interests of game, this begets the emergence of the gaming community which is an online community that is centered on interaction through games.

In the online gaming community, people can express themselves and share knowledge in multiple ways, and they are a powerful opportunity to learn as they are a place to make personal connections. The gaming community bridges the online and offline worlds.

Below are the following benefits from joining a gaming community:

  • Social Interaction and Relationship Building: Studies have argued that social interaction and relationship building are the key reasons why massive multiplayer online games gain its popularity. In an online survey, Vivian Hsueh Hua Chen in Socializing in the Online Gaming Community garnard that 39.4% of male respondents and 53.3% of female respondents felt their MMOG friends were comparable or better than their real-life friends.
  • Confidence Building: It builds the confidence of socially anxious people. Gamers find it easier to engage in an online gaming community as they are less shy, anxious or uncomfortable with meeting new people. Consequently, this increase in confidence helps gamers to expand their thoughts in a safer environment.
  • Support System: The online gaming community serves as a support system for many gamers especially those who feel isolated in their offline lives. This it does through connection, support and skill development. In connection, gamers share similar interests, passions, and experiences. Gamers can chat, play, and bond with their online friends, creating a sense of belonging. Also, online gaming communities can provide a safe and welcoming space for gamers to express themselves, vent their frustrations, and seek advice or help. Lastly, online gaming communities can help gamers improve their skills, knowledge, and strategies in their favorite games.
  • Diversity: Online gaming community exposes gamers to diverse perspectives, cultures, and experiences, as they can interact with people from different backgrounds, countries, and walks of life. This helps to broaden their horizons.
  • Creativity: Gamers can express their individuality, imagination, and originality through their online creations.

Muzingo Online Gaming Community

Muzingo has a lot of social features and can be utilized by gamers when they join our community forum.

  • Host a game and invite others to join with a link or a code. You can customize your game settings, such as the number of players, duration, the winning pattern, and the music genre.
  • Join a game and compete with other players to match the songs that play to the tiles on your card. You can chat with other players, send emojis, and claim your prize if you win.
  • Create fun memories with Muzingo by taking pictures of your winning card and sharing them on social media. You can also see the pictures of other winners and congratulate them.
  • Join other gamers on this community forum link to chat and share playlists.


We present Robert-u Godsglory, a student of the University of Benin studying environmental management and toxicology. Her experience in our online gaming community has been superfluous. She has this to say:

Playmuzingo has become something I look forward to because of the friends I made there. I first met seyi in a 6-day seminar we both attended. We were in different batches so I didn’t think we’d bond, but I can say playmuzingo made that happen! I also met Justice during a game on this webapp. Quite cheeky I must say, his presence makes it much more fun when he shamelessly tries to rizz me up. All jokes but still makes the experience worthwhile. Healthy competition, a friendly atmosphere and a sprinkle of rizz from Justice with Seyi trying to ‘pour sand-sand in his garri’? I’m not missing out on that.

Robert-u Godsglory,

To enjoy more benefits, join our online gaming community today.

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