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Muzingo on the Move: Top Travel Playlists for Every Destination

by Maxwell Anuma

April 16, 2024

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I remembered a certain time when I embarked on a very long journey, my phone was fully charged, I had travel playlists but I didn’t have an earpiece, earphone, ear pod, earbud or whatever people use now to listen to music.

It was such a horrible experience for me as I was confined to looking through the window to look at the bushes and the vast emptiness to wile away time. It was a really tormenting journey.

This experience is what many have experienced and has highlighted the importance of music to enhance the traveling experience.

Research by Kuch and Wollner in On the Move: Principal Components of the Functions and Experiences of Mobile Music Listening gave a detailed reason why people listen to music on the go.

  • As a form of time management, listening to music makes journeys more bearable.
  • For blocking out unwanted noise from external sources, which can also enhance concentration.
  • The music may function as a “boundary demarcator” and listeners create a distance to the surroundings by removing themselves from the environment, which occurs primarily for social segregation.
  • To provide an aesthetic experience” in which the perception of the external world is transformed by a projection of one’s own feelings and thoughts. This occurs when music stimulates the imagination of the listener.
  • Listening to music relaxes, makes the listener feel better and may also reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

The list is endless and we can’t jettison the impact travel playlists have on listeners.

Travel Playlists for Your Destination

Picking the right song that matches the current mood, activity, or surroundings is crucial for mobile music listeners.

Your Lagos travel playlists should include:

  • Fela Kuti – ZombieSikiru
  • Ayinde Barrister – Fuji Garbage
  • M.I Abaga – Safe
  • Burna Boy – Ye
  • Kollington Ayinla – Ijo Yoyo
  • Olamide – Wo
  • Wizkid – Ojuelegba
  • Wasiu Ayinde – Berlin
  • Phyno – Fada Fada
  • Tiwa Savage – All Over

This is because the most popular genres of music are Afrobeat, Fuji and Hip-hop.

Your Kano travel playlists should reflect the following:

  • Morell – Aure
  • Barmani Choge – Waka
  • Dan Maraya Jos – Wakar Karen Mota
  • ClassiQ – Gargajiya
  • Fati Niger – Girma Girma
  • Haruna Ishola – Sakara Apala
  • B.O.C Madaki – Zafi
  • Aminu Ala – Waka
  • Yusuf Olatunji – Sakara
  • Nomiis Gee – Wonder Woman

These travel playlists are consequent of Hause Hip-hop, Waka and Sakara which serves as the notable music genre in the North.

Your Anambra travel playlists should reflect:

  • Osita Osadebe – Osondi Owendi
  • Zoro – Ogene
  • Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe – Egwu Ozo
  • Ogene Boys – Umu Enugwu
  • Oliver De Coque – Identity
  • Ogene Nwa Ghana – Igbo Bunk
  • Flavour – Ada Ada
  • Ogene Udo Group – Ogene Okanga
  • Bright Chimezie – African Style
  • Chief Emeka Morocco – Ochuba Aku

Igbo highlife, Ogene music and Egwu ozo are the major music genres of the South East.

Music for Travel: Tips on Building Your Personalized Travel Playlists

Listening to personal playlists allows a high degree of control over music selection, since listeners may add single tracks to their personalized music compilation and are thus particularly musically engaged.

Follow these tips to create your personalized travel playlists.

  • Start with your favorite songs: You can browse through your favorite songs and add them to your playlist. These songs will reflect your personal style and mood.
  • Mix in some songs from your destination: You can search for artists, genres, or playlists related to the place you are visiting. This will help you immerse yourself in the culture of your destination. For example, if you are traveling to Nigeria, you might want to add some Afrobeat, Highlife, or Fuji music to your playlist.
  • Add some songs that match the theme or purpose of your trip. If you are traveling for business, pleasure, or adventure, you can find songs that suit the occasion. For example, if you are going on a road trip, you might want to add some upbeat, catchy, and sing-along songs to keep you energized and entertained.
  • Spice up your playlist with some new discoveries. You can use Spotify’s personalized playlists, such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, or Daily Mix, to find new songs that match your taste and preferences. You can also explore other sources, such as blogs, podcasts, or radio stations, to find new music that you might enjoy.
  • Edit and organize your playlist: You can rename your playlist, make it private or public, and reorder or remove songs as you wish to. Customize your listening experience.

You can read more on roadtrippers.

Muzingo Travel Playlists: A Delight for your Bingo Games

Muzingo is an online game that combines music and bingo. To create your own Muzingo playlist for a travel playlists, think of the following songs:


  • Joromi by Simi
  • Ojuelegba by Wizkid.
  • Johnny by Yemi Alade.
  • Fall by Davido.
  • Oliver Twist by D’banj.

Road Trip:

  • Way Maker by Sinach.
  • Case by Teni.
  • Nobody by DJ Neptune, Joeboy and Mr Eazi.
  • Smile by Wizkid and H.E.R.
  • Jerusalema by Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode.

Around the World:

  • One Love by Bob Marley.
  • Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.
  • I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas.
  • Happy by Pharrell Williams.
  • Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

Master your travel playlists very well, set your cards and be ready to shout Muzingo to win.

To create your own travel playlists on Muzingo, click this link to register on our website.

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