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Hit the High Notes! A Guide to Playing Music Bingo

by Michael Enunwa

November 28, 2023

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Since bingo gained massive popularity, several versions have been made off the back of the rules to make it more acceptable to different age groups and cultures. Of all these versions, musical bingo is easily the most played due to how individuals are drawn to music.

Aside from the natural pull music has on the human soul, there are many reasons why musical bingo is easily the best variation out there. But before I highlight the advantages of musical bingo over the other varieties, below is a comprehensive breakdown of how to play musical bingo, or muzingo, as some of us love to call it.

How to Play Musical Bingo the Muzingo Way

Step 1

Have a Team

Muzingo is enjoyed when two or more people participate; therefore, ensure you have friends who understand or are willing to understand the dynamics of how musical bingo is played.

Step 2

Get Everyone Motivated!

Motivation is key to getting the best out of every player. To do this, consider monetary rewards or other incentives every player would love to get. With this, players would be more than willing to edge each other, which would make the game fun.

Step 3

Pick a Genre of Music

With everyone motivated, the next step would be to pick a genre of music everyone can compete in. Friends are supposed to have a lot in common, but if music isn’t one of them, the ‘Host’ would have to find an even playground (genre) for everyone involved.

Step 4

Set your Desired Rule

The rules of bingo differ from player to player. For instance, some players yell out ‘bingo!’ only when there’s a horizontal alignment, a vertical alignment, or both; certain players even restrain themselves from using the middle free zone just to make it more adventurous. 

Whatever you choose, make sure everyone understands and agrees with it.

Step 5

Get Your Cards

The number of cards needed for the game depends on the number of participants and the song genre. If you are using the best virtual music bingo platform, Muzingo, it makes it pretty easy, even if you want to play offline. All you need to do is place your order and print them in hard copies. Get this sorted out, and you’ll almost be ready to earn bragging rights over your peers.

Step 5

Listen to the Songs Being Played

Each card contains the artist and title of some songs to be played by the DJ or virtual DJ. When you hear the song, look at your card and see if you can recognize the song and the artist. When you find it on your card, mark it out and wait for the next one; if you don’t find it, do nothing and wait for the next song.

When the marks on your card satisfy the laid-down  Tips: rule, yell out ‘Bingo’ and win the round. Now, let the games begin!

Music Bingo Tips: Music Bingo Strategies

Looking to have a winning advantage over your opponent? Note the following guidelines listed below and smile your way to victory.

Understand the Basics

If you understand bingo, you wouldn’t have a problem with music bingo since they operate on the same rules, with the only difference being the mode of play: music.

Have a Keen Ear for Music

Muzingo Bingo music

You might know a lot of songs, but do you know their official titles and artists? Knowledge of song artists and songs is a vital key to winning Muzingo. Why? The names printed on the game cards are song artists and their songs, and if you have only familiarized yourself with the tune, you may have the song on your game card and not mark it, which defeats the whole essence of the game.

Do you want to win? Then update your music vocabulary with not just notes but also the actual title and artist of your favorite songs. 

Is Virtual Music Bingo Fun?

Playing virtual music bingo is more fun than it looks. Aside from adding value to your time, it helps to improve your music vocabulary by not just knowing the song but also knowing the artist behind the tune.

If you have a penchant for winning, exploring new gaming frontiers, and listening attentively, Muzingo is definitely for you.


Are There Online Bingo Games?

Yes, there are several online bingo games you can pick from, but the one that comes highly recommended is called Muzingo! This virtual bingo game can be accessed from any corner of the world and comes with an unlimited playlist to pick from, regardless of your music genre. Click here to find out more.

What is Playlist Bingo?

Playlist bingo is bingo without numbers. In playlist bingo, popular songs are played over a sound system while the audience or players listen and look at their cards for the song title and artist. Cards are marked if the song and the artist correspond with the song being played, with a winner emerging when a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal sequence is made.

How Many Different Ways Can You Play Bingo?

Ideally, there are seven ways you can play a bingo game. The normal winning sequence is the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. However, you can increase the difficulty level and make it more fun by including the four-in-corners rule, the postage stamp rule (with this rule, you can only yell “bingo” when all the squares at the edge of the card are marked), the plus small plus sign (with this rule, you can only yell “bingo” when a small plus sign is made at any area of the card), and the small ‘X’ rule (with this rule, you win by forming a small ‘X’).

Some players prefer to combine all these rules when playing the game of bingo.


Music Bingo, or Muzingo, is the ideal way to spend quality fun time with friends, family, and coworkers. Since music is food for the soul, wouldn’t you rather play a game that feeds the soul and makes you better for it? That’s why we have Muzingo!  

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