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The Evolution of Bingo: A Musical Twist with Muzingo

by Michael Enunwa

November 22, 2023

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Playing games or listening to music has always been a form of relaxation for a high proportion of people looking to blow off steam. Imagine the euphoria that comes with having to relax on a platform that offers you not only the chance to play games but also the chance to listen to the best music out there while at it. That’s what Muzingo offers you, and even more!

The word ‘bingo’ is commonly used in our everyday interactions to signify accomplishments or fulfillment, as the case may be. However, it seems only a small population knows its origin. If you skipped history lessons in school, the information you’re about to digest will help a great deal in understanding the word itself and the game behind it.  

The Origin of Bingo

The origin of Bingo

While England and Brazil continue the fearsome battle of who originated football (soccer), that of bingo is undisputed, as it was first spotted in Italy somewhere around 1530. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the domesticated version (formally called Tombola) was first introduced in the city of Naples, with certain additions made to the game that consisted of cards, numbers associated with alphabets, and tokens.

In a very short time, many people saw the advantage of this invention. By the 19th century, bingo (as we now call it) was widely played in Germany, especially by kids who needed help with spelling and understanding the multiplication table.

However, it was the French Le Lotto that birthed the modern version when it made its first appearance in 1778. The Le Lotto design consisted of 27 squares and a three-row layout with nine columns. These squares on the rows had numbers that ranged from 1 through 90.

It wasn’t until the years between 1920 and 1929 that ‘Beano’ (as it was called at the time) became popular in the United States of America, first by Hugh J. Ward when he introduced it in carnivals, followed by Edwin Lowe, who took the game to the city of New York when he came across it in a carnival. It was Edwin Lowe who first commercialized this game on a broad scale.

There have been many theories about when the exact word ‘bingo’ was formed; however, the theory that holds water is the story of Lowe’s friends, who mistakenly called out ‘Bingo’ instead of ‘Beano’ on several occasions when she won. It was also around this period that the word ‘Bingo’ came to the fore.

What is Muzingo?

The word ‘Muzingo’ is a combination of two words: music and bingo. Muzingo is Bingo as you know it, with the added advantage of a relaxed ambiance as you battle it out against friends and loved ones by providing a music theme to the game. 

Bingo is very demanding, regardless of how you play it, be it offline or online, and as a player, you need all your physical senses to edge your opponent(s). If certain conditions are not in place, you may lose out by the tiniest of margins. However, unlike traditional bingo, you aren’t just quizzed on your alphabet and numerical abilities; rather, Muzingo requires you to have a robust knowledge of popular songs and their artists, which can only be an advantage to you in the long run.

Muzingo can be likened to a karaoke event, but better because you not only get to sing along to a favorite song and its lyrics, but you also get to compete and win while at it. That’s not all! Muzingo can be played from anywhere in the world as long as you have a working internet connection and friends who aren’t just passionate about music but know their music and win while at it.

The Difference between Bingo and Muzingo: The Real Evolution

If you think bingo is fun, just wait to see what Muzingo offers, especially if you are a music enthusiast. While traditional bingo requires numbers and alphabets, Muzingo brings your knowledge of music to the test by requiring you to pay close attention while a song is played. If you can identify the song being played, check your card to see if the artist and the title are available.

This unique representation of music and fun is one you barely get anywhere else, and Muzingo is that classic game revival the bingo game has yearned for all this while. Muzingo is simply the next level for the classic bingo game.

Like the traditional bingo game, you get to win if the rules set out by you and your competition are met. These rules are adjustable depending on what suits the moment or how competitive you want to be. Virtual music bingo couldn’t get any better than Muzingo. You are definitely at the right place. Click here to get started. 

The Muzingo Magic

Apart from allowing you to play with other bingo players all over the world, Muzingo is also a virtual music bingo that offers you the opportunity to play in your comfort zone with any music of your choice. When you are in complete control of your atmosphere, you are in complete control of the game. 

This equivocally means other players whom you may be connected with have almost, if not the same, advantage based on their definition of comfort. A scenery that can only make the bingo game more competitive and exciting, hence the Muzingo magic.


How Do You Play Music Bingo?

Muzingo is the same as the bingo you know, with the only twist being the replacement of numbers and alphabets with music and artists. For instance, where you have ‘B1’, Muzingo will have ‘Lonely by Akon’. If you have ‘Lonely by Akon’ on your card and that’s the song being played at the moment, indicate it. Continue with this process until you have a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal result, depending on the rule in play.

What is Music with Bingo called?

Music with Bingo is called Muzingo! Sounds catchy, right? That’s what we thought, too!

How Many Songs are in Music Bingo?

Muzingo comprises lots of songs that beat the normal imagination, so feel free to check us out and enjoy musical bingo at a whole different level.


With Muzingo, your knowledge of music, listening, and reflexes is tested to the limit. If bingo has been your thing and you have always wondered how you could make it better, Muzingo is the place to be. Join us and see how we have made the famous bingo game more exciting and fun. It is not bingo if it isn’t Muzingo!  

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