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Virtual Team Bonding: Muzingo Music Bingo and More!

by Michael Enunwa

November 23, 2023

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or a dull group of boys and girls when a team is involved. The importance of recreational activities for team members cannot be overemphasized, and thanks to the internet, distance is no longer a deciding factor as team members can now have the best time virtually from anywhere around the world. 

Do you have a virtual team, and are you looking at the best way possible to uplift team spirit, grow togetherness, and ultimately improve productivity? Then do it the Muzingo way!

Muzingo: The Best Online Team-Building Game

Muzingo is a platform that’s designed to suit individuals and team members who are looking for a way out of normal work-related activities. It is designed after a popular game known as bingo, but only better.

Instead of the usual numbers and alphabets the original game is known for, Muzingo takes entertainment to a higher level by using actual songs and their artists as its main content. It doesn’t stop there; the gameplay also requires the song to be sung, hence providing a melodious atmosphere to a magical evening.

How to Play Virtual Music Bingo

Since the evolution of bingo, musical bingo, or Muzingo, as we love to call it, has been the go-to for virtual team professionals who want to build thriving relationships outside their workspace. Virtual entertainment for remote teams couldn’t have been more fun, thanks to Muzingo, who has helped to bridge the gap between virtual employees.

Virtual music bingo is built on the principles of bingo, although it is more fun. Where you have alphabets and numbers, Muzingo has song titles and artists. The umpire is also replaced with a virtual DJ that plays songs based on the content of all the cards selected. Once a song is played by the virtual DJ, each virtual player should be able to listen and identify the song on their playing card. The first to get a complete arrangement of songs on their card based on the rule picked by the team of players is declared the winner.

What Do I Need to Play Muzingo?

With Muzingo, you may not need anything outside of what the game already provides, other than your team members and other factors I’ll be highlighting shortly.

Willing Team Players

This shouldn’t be a problem if everyone is on board with having a good time with fellow team players.

A suitable Timeframe

If your team members are in different time zones, you may want to ensure you pick a time that is convenient for everyone involved. Aside from this, you may want to ensure everyone is available at the particular time set.

An Ear for Music

We may all like the sound of music when we hear it, but not everyone has a knack for knowing the artist of a song. Muzingo is best enjoyed when players love music and have a good knowledge of music artists and their song titles because, in general, that’s what the game is mostly about.

Once these three boxes are checked, you are good to go, Muzingo!

Another way to keep virtual music bingo players motivated and competitive is to include a price. This way, players take the game seriously and are more determined to win. 

How does Muzingo Help my Team?

Deep down, we all want to be musical superstars. Sadly, only a few individuals get to live the dream for all of us. Sometimes, the only way we make up for this loss is to enjoy the great works of these artists, know their lyrics, and take pride in knowing the lyrics. 

Muzingo is a platform that helps your team members showcase their musical acumen to other team members the bingo way, which is necessary for building confidence, gaining respect, and building friendships with fellow team members.

Instead of keeping late nights and suffering from hangovers, which are detrimental to team productivity, why not maintain the competitive edge and sharpen the minds of everyone while ensuring a relaxing moment for everyone involved? The fact that Muzingo can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone around the world makes it all the more perfect for virtual team bonding. Click here to learn how.

Other Virtual Games You Can Try

Aside from Muzingo, other virtual games can have a similar impact on the togetherness of your virtual team. Some of them include the following:


Drawasurus is an online game that’s a perfect replica of Pictionary as we know it. If you think Pictionary is only ideal for on-site staff members, Drawasurus will prove you wrong. Just like Pictionary, players will draw an object and expect the opposing player to correctly guess the object. Click here to check it out. 


Bunch is an app that has several online games that are ideal for your employees, including their version of Pictionary, among several others. Click here to get more details.


Wordle is an online game that requires participants to guess incomplete words correctly. It’s a fun and relaxing game that should benefit your team in the long run. Feel free to give it a try!


How can I make working remotely fun?

Contrary to popular belief, working remotely can be quite tedious. However, the following tips will help you make it more fun:

  • Participate in online games like Muzingo. Click here to find out more.
  • Maximize the use of coffee breaks.
  • Try engaging other virtual team members in casual discussions, then find out what you have in common and grow from there.

How Do You Entertain Someone Virtually?

Try engaging your friend or acquaintance in online games like Call of Duty, Virtual Escape rooms, card games, Muzingo, and so much more. You can also try safe truth-or-dare games if you wish to spice things up.


With the internet and platforms like Muzingo, virtual team bonding has been made possible for virtual team members who work in various parts of the world. It’s now left for team leaders to find a way to incorporate team bonding activities to boost the morale and brain juice of virtual staff members.

With these activities in play, growth is inevitable for everyone involved.

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