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The Musician Guide to Bingo: Why it’s More Than a Game

by Michael Enunwa

April 8, 2024

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Where would we be without music? What can we do without songs? In your spare time—that’s if you haven’t tried it already—imagine a world without songs or melodies. When you are done, take another time out to appreciate all the music artists around the world for providing an escape route from stress, depression, and other therapeutic values music has provided us.

Music can be found in virtually everything around us, which is why it was only a matter of time before musical bingo found its way into our lives and gave the bingo game a brand new lift and dimension.

What is Musical Bingo?

how to play music bingo
Music Bingo

Music Bingo is simply Bingo with music! What this means is that instead of having an umpire call out random numbers and alphabets that have to correspond with what you have on your bingo card, a DJ or someone in charge of the music outlet plays a song from a sound system, and players are expected to tick the song on their bingo card if they have it. In summary, where alphabets and numbers bore you, music tones are there to cheer you up.

When was Musical Bingo invented?

There are many theories as to when Musical Bingo was created, but based on my findings, Musical Bingo was first spotted on a TV program far back in 1958. It wasn’t as popular as it is today, but the year 1958 was when the resurgence of musical bingo began, and it hasn’t looked back ever since.

Which is better, Musical Bingo or Traditional Bingo?

The traditional form of bingo simply involves the use of the alphabet and numbers, which are embedded in objects. These numbers are called out by a moderator to players randomly. As stated earlier, players are required to check their bingo cards to see if the called-out numbers tally with what they have on their cards. When the desired pattern is formed, the winner yells out ‘Bingo!’ to win the game.

Now, in the case of musical bingo, instead of numbers and alphabets, you have songs and artists printed on the bingo cards. Would you prefer the sounds of alphabets and numbers being blasted over a microphone to those of your favorite hit songs? The latter!

Music Bingo isn’t only about playing music the Bingo way; it’s about connecting to the very soul of a song or music genre you are fond of. As is required, a music lover shouldn’t just be about singing a popular song; he/she has to be able to identify the song and the artist of that song on a whim, and what better place to test your knowledge than Muzingo?  

What do I need to play Musical Bingo?

Willing Minds

The first thing you need to play musical bingo is a good knowledge of many genres of music. It’s not just knowing what they sound like; you must also know the artist of the song, or else you will be badly beaten by other players who know their music. If you have friends who are willing to enjoy music bingo with you, they’ll also have to be almost on the same level as you or even higher for the game to be more fun.

A Genre of Music

Once the participants are sorted out, the next step would be to pick a genre of music. The genre can be rock, soul, reggae, gospel, afro beats, or anyone your company enjoys. Everyone has to be on board with the choice so y’all can stand a chance of winning. Genres can be changed depending on the direction you want the game to go.

Getting bingo cards

Getting your Music Bingo cards will be the next step to take. This can be gotten off the internet at very little or no cost at all, and then you can download the songs listed on the game on a mobile device. Lastly, get a sound system to make the songs audible as they play; this could be a Bluetooth speaker or anything that can suffice for the moment.

Can Music Bingo be played online?

Music Bingo can be played online and is usually the preferred choice of many players because of its simplicity. For instance, playing musical bingo online saves you the stress of printing the cards before play can commence. Online musical bingo also bridges the gap of distance between players, as they can play from anywhere around the world. 

All that’s needed for a successful online music bingo game is an internet-enabled laptop or device, an online music bingo platform such as Muzingo, and players having an internet-enabled device. Online music bingo like Muzingo provides you with lots of genres to pick from in case you and other players decide to switch it up a notch. Click here to give it a try and see why it is preferred by millions around the world.


What are the rules for Music Bingo?

Just like it is with regular bingo, music bingo cards have 25 squares that are occupied with the names of the artists and their songs. A moderator will have a total of 75 songs per genre and play the music on his/her playlist. Players will have to be attentive to listen to the songs being played and check if they correspond with the song artist and title they have on their cards. As soon as a row or column has been filled out, the player will be required to yell ‘Bingo!’ to win the round.

How long does Music Bingo last?

Music Bingo can be enjoyed for as long as possible, depending on the time you have to spare. There’s no average time due to several factors, which can include the speed of players and banter from friends, amongst several others.

How do you make Bingo fun?

You can make bingo fun by including prizes at the end of each round. With this, players will be more determined to get one over another, which can only make the game more competitive and interesting.


Words are cheap until they are proven. Do you think you know your music? Put that knowledge to the test amongst your friends in a classic bingo game and earn bragging rights within your friend circles and beyond. Cheers!

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